Visit Second Norway is a virtual travel agency located in Second Norway and connected to Blake Sea as well as the Second Life mainland. We have a large and dedicated staff group that specializes in tailor-made weekend holidays for couples & families.


 -  Stay at the charming and quaint Hotel Bryggen, located on the Norwegian docks.

 -  Dine with our dedicated staff at our exclusive and romantic restaurant Bella Bistro. 

 -  Enjoy live music on Saturday nights at Luciano's Jazz Club. 

 -  Sky-dive, Scuba-Dive & take a romantic guided boat tour on some of the 40 Second Norway sims.


Below is the management of Visit Second Norway. We are pleased to be part of a project that not only creates an unique Second Life experience but that provides a cultural one close to Real Life. It is nice to meet you all. 

Luciano Lionheart

CEO Visit Second Norway

Caroline Haddasah

Manager Bella Bistro

Kara Gelbert

Manager Hotel Bryggen

Kristina Taov

Manager of VSN Travel

Ana D'Argent

Creative Advisor 

Jose Squeegee

Manager of VSN Travel

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