A culinary experience in Second Life

Bella Bistro first opened its doors in January 2009 as a collaboration idea by Lucyangel Vacano and Sword Hammerer which owned and ran the restaurant as a full service establishment up until it was left in the hands of Second Norway in 2010. Since then it's been a free of charge, self service restaurant.


In May 2015 Bella Bistro went under new management. The Visit Second Norway crew has completely remodeled and reopened Bella Bistro as a full service establishment proudly to be able to rekindle such an important landmark within Second Life. 


Bella Bistro is today the very oldest restaurant still around in Second Life.


Low lighting, soft music, a stylish interior adorned with elegant paintings, not to mention a menu rivalling many top SL establishments, our staff will ensure that your trip to Bella Bistro will hit the spot when you are aiming to impress

We look forward to your visit.


For reservations and private parties, please contact Caroline Hadassah (MeileenPrincess Resident)


Staffed Opening Hours


Fridays: 3.00 PM - 5.00 PM

Saturdays: 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM